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Let us tell you what it's not. It is not a PDF reader. i.e. to read "existing" PDFs. There are plenty of 3rd-party apps for that purpose.

RAZPDF is for creating, that is writing PDFs on-the-fly from your app without having to write one from scratch.

The normal process requires low level c calls to create a context, manage coordinates and offsets, moving to points, drawing lines, repostioning lower, drawing some more, well you get the idea.

RAZDPF allows you to use standard Interface Builder to visually define layers, place images, insert text. Each of these objects has properties that can be set visually on screen, or programtically. Once layout is done one single call to RAZPDF will create the PDF page making all the low level iOS calls for you with point perfect precision. We are helping you make your apps faster and easier to maintain.


Q: Can I see the documention before doing evaluation?

Sure, you can get it here.

Q: What hardware and software is needed to use RAZPDF?

You will need the following:
• Intel based Mac
• Xcode 3 and above
• iOS 4.2 or above
• Optional - Paid Apple developer account and a provisioned device (e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPad) for testing.

Q: How do I install RAZPDF?

Installation instructions are included in the download.

Q: Does PDF generation require web services?

No, it does not require/involve external servers. PDF generation is done locally.

Q: Does RAZPDF use private Apple APIs?

No, and we never will.

Q: Is RAZPDF open source?

No, but you can use our evaluation version for testing and for non-commercial apps.

Q: Can I generate multi-page PDFs?

Yes, it is available through the Enterprise version.

Q: Will I be able to access the PDF with other PDF reader apps?

Yes, it is available through our Developer and Enterprise versions.

Q: Can I hire someone to integrate RAZPDF into my app?

Contact our sales group: